Portable Steam Cleaners

A portable steam cleaner is a modern handheld gadget that is used for cleaning, the appliance can be used to clean both domestic and industrial appliances as well as some floors, despite the fact that it is a cleaning appliance it should not be used to clean new surfaces, you risk deforming the very surfaces, it should also not be used to clean surfaces that cannot withstand a lot of temperatures e.g. surfaces furnished with varnish, polyurethane furnished surfaces are best recommended surfaces to be cleaned by the cleaner because of their ability to withstand a lot of temperature. Before using, it is advisable to read the manual, the following are some general safety features for usage, each cleaner has different features.

  • Unplug the cleaner before refilling it
  • Never use the cleaner on patio furnished surfaces
  • Never use the cleaner on moist glass surfaces
  • Always unplug before changing accessoriesportable steam cleaner Portable Steam Cleaners
  • Ensure that you have read and understood user manual.
  • Ensure you change the water before usage
  • Never use hard water only use distilled water

To get the perfect finish

  • Ensure that the surface is cleaned of any dust
  • Ensure that there are no physical obstructions on the surface
  • Ensure that the soiled cloth part on the portable steam cleaner is replaced to avoid spreading dirt on the surface.
  • Ensure you have with you all the accessories required cleaning.

Advantages of using a portable steam cleaner

It is easy to use it takes like 20-30 seconds to heat up
Its size makes it easy to move from one place to another without hastle

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